Specializing in the transporting of crude oil both in Texas & Oklahoma.

Barcas LLC is a privatley owned Transportation and Marketing company that serves the Oil industry throughout the United States.  Our  management team brings the experience necessary to run an effective and efficient operation, while always putting safety first.  

At Barcas we "ARE" a team and we would invite you to come see what our team approach to business is, and to join the Barcas Family.


-Kevin Foxx CEO


Barcas Field Services Info:


Dumas info:  

Barcas Field Services LLC

P.O. Box 1534

917 North Dumas Ave

Dumas, TX 79029


Houston info:

Barcas Field Services LLC

908 Town & Country Suite 680

Houston TX 77024

Ph: 806-935-2526          Fax: 806-935-2526