Barcas Pipeline Ventures

Precision Tankage

Barcas LLC is known for its depth of industry experience, from crude oil storage and related services to the drilling and production segments. Barcas Pipeline Ventures LLC constructed and operated a 4,250,000 barrel, 70-acre tank farm at Cushing, Oklahoma in partnership with Magellan Crude Oil.

After selling the facility to Magellan in 2011, we established a truck loading/unloading and crude storage facility on an adjacent 10-acre Cushing property. Since then, Barcas and its subsidiaries have successfully engaged in creating a 160-truck operation with multiple warehouses to support trucking and other operations as well as two rail facilities to transport crude for customers in Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Kansas and New Mexico.

We also provide drilling fluids, (Barcas Native Drilling Fluids) to the industry in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. Barcas Pipeline Ventures LLC owns and operates a 700,000- barrel tank storage and truck unloading facility since 2015. With our knowledge, operational experience and dedicated service capability, Barcas is the ideal partner for your crude oil storage needs.

Cushing Storage - Operational Dec 2015

barcas HISTORY


Acquired 80 acres in Cushing, Oklahoma for the purpose of building a crude oil storage facility.


BARCAS Pipeline Ventures, LLC, built 4,250,000 barrels of storage at Cushing Oklahoma in 2010 in a partnership with Magellan Crude Oil. Barcas sold the Cushing Facility to Magellan Crude Oil, MCO, and retained 10 acres in the North West Corner of the property for Truck loading and unloading facilities.


Barcas Field Services, LLC began trucking operations of crude oil in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas with 30 tractor trailer units. Barcas LLC builds or purchases 4 warehouses and offices to support trucking business. Dumas, TX/Alva, OK/ Enid, OK/& Victoria, TX.


Barcas Field Services, LLC grows trucking business to 110 Tractor trailer units for hauling crude oil in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, New Mexico, and Louisiana. BFS operated another 50 leased trucks within our fleet to bring our total trucks moving crude to 160 units. BFS operated two rail facilities for customers in Oklahoma and New Mexico.


Barcas Field Services, LLC sells all trucking operations to Rose Rock Midstream in September of 2013. Barcas LLC sells two warehouse/offices to Rose Rock Midstream, Victoria, Tx & Dumas, Tx.


Barcas Pipeline Ventures, LLC completes construction and becomes operational in December 2015 of our 700,000 barrel of crude oil storage facility in south Cushing.


Barcas and HBC complete the purchase of Getka Energy and their Cushing assets.